January in your gorgeous edible garden

January is a super exciting time in the garden! Many of the edible delights that you have nourished and cherished will be plentiful and ready to sample. Perfect timing given we are in summer holiday mode when friends often unexpectedly turn up to say hello and end up staying for dinner.

Being able to pop out to your own garden, grab all you need to throw a few salads together, dig the new potatoes and turn the BBQ on is so easy. Not only does it take the thinking out of what to cook and the time saver of not needing to whip to the nearest supermarket, but the sense of pride and joy you feel when your pick your own really is the best!

In this issue:

  • Hiatt & Co Top Tip: Pick to Pick
  • Pesky Pests in January
  • Looking Ahead; Planning for autumn

Hiatt & Co Top Tip: Pick to Pick

This month you will find you can pick a variety salad leaves, cucumbers, dwarf and runner beans, courgettes ( zucchini).  The more you pick the more they will keep producing! Boom!

Herbs such as Basil, Mint, Coriander, Parsley, Rosemary and Thyme all have intense flavour in January and bring wonderful flavour to the plate.  Once again think "pick to pick" - picking these herbs will encourage them to further grow. 

I can never have enough herbs, not only do they look gorgeous they are all super easy to grow. Win win!


Pesky Pests in January

While we may be on holiday at this fabulous time of year, others are not... aphids and white fly can really get to work and show their stuff. So keep your eyes peeled for these wee mites as it could be time to get your thumb and index fingers working together in pincer fashion. Hiatt & Co tip # 2 - you could get the children onto it as a holiday project that they can be involved with, or pick up the phone and call a friend for a catch up at the same time).

Another option is spray them off with a spray bottle filled with a few teaspoons of dishwashing liquid and water - this is sure to send them packing.

Looking Ahead; Planning for autumn

While summer holidays are in full swing and while you have some time, start to think about the autumn & winter crops you want to grow in your garden. In case you won't get the chance to do this, (we know the start of the year can be busy), don't worry – Hiatt & Co have a couple of exciting seed subscription products coming soon. And the best thing is we  not only do the thinking and curation for you, we deliver to your door!

Keen to hear when our seasonal seed boxes are released? Email hello@hiatt.co to be the first to know. Let us take you from veggie zero to harvest hero! 

Lots of love,

Anna x