Edible garden consultations


Bespoke gardening advice, tailored to you

Need an extra green thumb to help your garden thrive? We offer one-on-one bespoke edible garden consultations for those wanting a little tailored guidance and support around garden location, soil health, planning and garden planting advice, care, techniques, tools and tips. No matter where you are on your edible garden journey, we offer advice customised to NZ climates, and can help you:

  • Find the best spot for your garden
  • Understand how to create healthy soil and compost
  • Determine which type of garden bed is best for you
  • Choose the edible varieties you’d like to grow, and the best way to support them
  • Dig into the nitty-gritty of growing greens in variable climates
  • Identify your most useful garden tools
  • Feel confident that you’re on the road to success

Let’s get growing.


*Note, if you live within one hour of Wānaka, consultations are face-to-face. Otherwise, consults will be via Zoom. Travel charges apply.

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