Welcome busy beginner gardeners!

We make it simple to create gorgeous, edible gardens that are a feast for your eyes as well as your plate!


Our new summer collection is here! One of our favs from the collection? Take Me With You.

These microgreens are perfect to take away with you (hence the name...) on your next adventure. Enjoy the luscious freshness even when you're on the road enjoying the quintessential kiwi summer holiday.

Nutrient-dense and full of flavour, Take Me With You includes three varieties of seeds: Rocket, Cress & Chia.

Bring on the summer salads, roadie style.

Order yours before the 20th December, and receive it by Christmas Day.

Simply gorgeous. Gorgeously simple!

Founded by life-long garden enthusiast and floral designer Anna Hiatt, we'll help you create and maintain a beautiful kitchen garden that is not only plentiful, but beautiful to boot.

By giving you just the right amount of knowledge – and in spring delivering seasonal seed packs to your door – we make veggie garden success easy in any New Zealand climate.

A basket of delicious, healthy homegrown veggies from Anna's edible garden.