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We make it simple to create gorgeous edible gardens that are a feast for your eyes as well as your plate!

Hiatt & Co Mighty Minis - the best nutrient - boost this winter.

Microgreens are here!! grow your own nutrient boost this winter. Super easy way to inject healthy immune-boosting goodness into your life this spring. Simply sow, grow, snip & enjoy!

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Simply gorgeous. Gorgeously simple!

Founded by life-long garden enthusiast and floral designer Anna Hiatt, we'll help you create and maintain a beautiful kitchen garden that is not only plentiful, but beautiful to boot.

By giving you just the right amount of knowledge – and in spring delivering seasonal seed packs to your door – we make veggie garden success easy in any New Zealand climate.

A basket of delicious, healthy homegrown veggies from Anna's edible garden.