We all know the wonderful benefits of growing our own edible gardens. Eating fresh, saving money, feeding bees, time in nature, cutting out transport emissions and plastic wrap. Not to mention turning your neighbours green while you’re at it. But try as you might, it’s never as easy as those Pinterest pins make it out to be. 

With expert knowledge, curated seeds, simple kits and bespoke advice, Hiatt & Co are here to grow a nation of passionate gardeners and transform green spaces throughout New Zealand. Whether you’re new to the game or just can’t handle another failed crop, we meet you where you are, do the hard yards for you, set you up for success and have a fair bit of fun while we’re at it. 
We are inspired by the seasons, understand our unique New Zealand climates and box up our years of knowledge into easy-to-use kits, so you can relish in the glory of your thriving edible garden. 


About Anna Hiatt

The Hiatt to your Co  

Anna Hiatt is the garden guardian behind Hiatt & Co, boxing up her gardening knowledge to give you the quickest, simplest path to a thriving, luscious garden. Passionate about all things green and growing, Anna is a lifelong gardening enthusiast and floral designer, brimming with garden kitchen ideas that ensure yours look as good as they taste. Anna lives in the stunning mountaintown of Wanaka, challenging her garden know-how at both ends of the climate spectrum.


From A to Edible Garden

The ins and outs of how it works.

Curated kits

Each season, we curate a selection of seeds perfect for the incoming climate. We divide these seeds into a selection of tanty free garden kits, including seeds, garden mix, seaweed fertiliser, labels and hot tips.


Select your kit

Choose the kit that best fits your space, from window sills and patios to backyards. 

Delivered to your door

Garden Kits are delivered nationwide, to your doorstep of a lucky certain someones. Did we mention they make great gifts?


Now, we grow

Pat yourself on the back for ordering said garden kit, then follow the easy peasy instructions inside. 

Bask in the glory of your edible garden

Invite your friends over for dinner to taste the goods.

Shop kits 



Extra tips

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Bespoke consults

If you require more information or perhaps some customised advice, book in a bespoke consultation.