Microgreens Starter Kit



Microgreens Starter Kit (“Mighty Minis”) 

Perfect for bringing a punch of flavour and healthy good-times to your plate all year round, our “Mighty Minis” starter kits make growing nutrient-dense microgreens super-fun and successful!

Complete with a sweet collection of easy-grow, vitamin-packed varieties, plus seed raising mix, misting bottle, micro snips and our signature (cheeky) Hot Tips, you’ll have your very own mighty microgreens growing on your window sill in as little as seven days.

Let’s bring the gorgeous edible goodness inside!

 Starter kit includes:

  1. Three varieties of seeds. So many vitamins… so many minerals… so good for the body… and the libido! (Check our Monthly Minis subscription page for this month’s varieties.)
  2. Succulent seed raising mix. We use a premium blend that’s been carefully chosen for its luscious ingredients in order to give your seeds the best possible start.
  3. Instructions to get you growing gorgeous. “Hiatt & Co Hot Tips for the Best Bushy Microgreens” – vessel selection, set up, watering and care, we’ve got you covered.
  4. Misting bottle. The cutest glass spray bottle for misting your minis (they like it moist). It’ll sit pretty on your window sill.
  5. Wooden Seedling Labels: a simple way to reduce the use of plastic. To re-use, simply sand lightly to remove writing.
  6. Micro snips. There are so many ways to harvest your minis – the choice is yours! These micro snips will help you sculpt your bushy goodness to perfection.

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