The Landing Strip


The Landing Strip

Cultivate the perfect, lush landing strip and serve a simple salacious salad anytime you need!

Perfect for new growers. Impress your friends by making the most of a small garden space or grow your own fresh, healthy produce in outdoor pots.

 The Landing Strip includes:

  • This spring season we have a gorgeous collection of the best easy-grow varieties including lettuce (Drunken Woman), Pak Choi, Mesclun and Sugar Snap Peas.
  • This beautiful combination - along with seed raising mix, seaweed fertiliser, wooden seedling labels, and our 'Cheeky Hot Tips' showing you exactly what to do, and when - you'll have everything you need for the growing season ahead.

Make the most out of the space you do have to grow gorgeous edibles this season. This summer series package also contains the cutest diblet to make sowing your seeds super easy. Fold away your tray tables and get ready for landing!

The perfect gift for yourself or treat your loved ones with a fun, considered and satisfying gift.x 

New Zealand-wide shipping only.

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