Grow Big,Grow Home


Spring + Summer Kit: Lettuce, mesclun, pak choi, rocket, snow peas and cornflowers.

It’s like they always say. If you’re going to do it, do it right and Grow Big, Grow Home. This outdoor mix is bringing the full, lush, curated collection of salad greens for those with a grow big and grow home attitude - and a bit of outdoor space to play with. Forget doing things by halves - we’ll set you up with everything you need to grow the finest edible garden your neighbours have ever seen, and you’ll be feasting on the glory in no time.

Grow Big, Grow Home includes:

Delicious, easy-grow seed varieties.
This spring and summer kit includes a tasty mix of lettuce (Drunken Woman), mesclun, pak choi, rocket, snow peas & gorgeous edible flower cornflowers.

Seed raising mix.
A premium blend carefully chosen for its wholesome ingredients, giving your seeds the best start possible.

Seaweed Fertiliser.
Packing a powerful punch of nutrients and other good ingredients, this fertiliser gives your seedlings the boost they need right from the get-go.

Wooden Seedling Labels.
A simple way to reduce plastic. To re-use, simply sand lightly to remove any writing.

Diblet (baby dibber).
A wooden diblet to make sowing your seeds & seedlings as easy as possible.

Growing  Tips.
Our signature simple instructions. These will show you exactly what to do, when to do it, and nothing more. This will cover you for the entire growing season ahead.

*Shipping available to New Zealand only

*Seeds may vary depending on availability

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