Three Tasty Boys - Corin, Tom & Basil


Three Tasty Boys - Corin, Tom & Basil


Look fancy at any event with these three gorgeous boys on your tray - Caprese Moins Mozza is an Italian classic. Grow two of the best boys at home (Tom & Basil), layer it up with Mozzarella and wow the pants off your guests!

The best thing about the boys is you can grow them anywhere - in garden pots, amongst a small garden or in a planter box. Its super easy to get stunning produce, team them up and you are onto a winner with all their goodness.

Three Tasty Boys includes:

  • This tasty package includes three gorgeous seed varieties - Coriander, Cherry Tomatoes and Basil.
  • This stunner combination - along with seed raising mix, seaweed fertiliser, wooden seedling labels, and our 'Cheeky Hot Tips' showing you exactly what to do, when - you'll have everything you need for the growing season ahead.

This is the perfect summer package for a bit of festive fun, versatile and full of flavour. And let's be honest, who doesn't love three gorgeous boys served up on a platter?!

The perfect gift for yourself or treat your loved ones with a fun, considered and satisfying gift.x 

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