Take Me With You


Take Me With You

Desperately seeking a window sill on which to be loved. Take me with you wherever you go this summer - enjoy the luscious freshness of microgreens even when you're on the road enjoying the quintessential kiwi summer caravan holiday.

This triad of seeds punch above their weight when it comes to flavour. They are nutrient-dense and super easy to grow with the right tools and instruction - this is where we come in.

Take Me With You includes:

  • This summer season we have a heavenly collection of the best easy-grow microgreens, including Rocket, Cress and Chia.
  • This easy breezy combination - along with seed raising mix, seaweed fertiliser, wooden seedling labels, and our 'Cheeky Hot Tips' showing you exactly what to do, when - you'll have everything you need for the growing season ahead.

This summer series package also contains the cutest snips to harvest your darling bushes and misting bottle to keep them easily hydrated through the summer hot spots.

The perfect gift for yourself or treat your loved ones with a fun, considered and satisfying gift.x 

New Zealand-wide shipping only.

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